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"I have to tell you I am a little saddened that the madness that is building a new house has come to an end... because that means my daily interaction with Steph has slowed. She has been THE bright spot in all this chaos. She reigned me in and talked me off many design faux pas cliffs, and it was always with a pinch of humor, dash of love and just the right dose of design authority. I can't thank her enough for leading (more like skipping) us through this process with such FUN! Stephanie oozes passion for what she does and just has this niche, eye... I guess that's what people call talent!  Lucky to say I am currently sitting in my living room and see her sweet stamp everywhere I look! Makes me happy. Makes me smile."

-C. Largent, Columbus, OH Custom Home (#modernfarmhouseproject)

I think everything Stephanie does or touches in life has an amazing effect of making everything more beautiful. She doesn’t just design; she curates – from creating the perfect boho style dinner party to designing the most gorgeous homes. Everything she gets her hands on has an effervescent quality; an accessible beauty to it. Everything she does is designed to make a client feel at home and cozy, but surrounded by beauty.”

-Karrie Kuruzar, Los Angeles Renovation (#casacovetliving)

"I had the pleasure of handing Stephanie an 1800 sf complete gut job & remodel.  Not only did she handle the entire design concept and all the interior finishes, she jumped into AutoCAD and completely reworked some major structural elements that my wife and I weren't sold on but didn't know how to remedy; the changes Steph made were things we'd never considered, nor were they things the architect had considered, but they made our home much more functional and inviting. From start to finish (and this was a 6-month process), Stephanie had a knack for knowing when to push for things, when to work with us, and took a lot of initiative with keeping our contractor on task (I cannot stress how important this is). She got the most out of what we gave her to work with and even found more cost effective suppliers when needed; cabinets and flooring being two major (big ticket) examples. I should also note that she designed every inch of custom cabinetry in the house. I'll admit I don't have the greatest eye for design, and some of her ideas seemed downright foreign to me upfront, but we trusted her and were rewarded in the end.  Some great examples are the decisions she made with our dining area (built-in bench seating), lighting and the (pineapple) guest bath - which blew my mind and I was totally against at first... yet everyone absolutely loves it and it's the first thing guests heap praise upon when they come to our house.  Bottom line is that Stephanie is a great designer, is warm and easy to work with, and knows how to help get you what you want while incorporating winning elements you never thought you would!"  

-Tim Kuruzar, Los Angeles Renovation (#casacovetliving)

Jack & Jill Bath | Covet Living Interiors

"Stephanie is a true Godsend and, honestly, a marriage saver. Without her guidance and incredible selections of essentially anything that goes into a home, my wife would still be mulling over our construction plans. She is a pure joy to work with. In fact, she is Joy from Inside Out. She takes whatever styles you love and creates these timeless combinations in a presentation that is easy to visualize and, more importantly, on budget :) The amazing thing is, we never felt led astray by her. Her conviction with her selections is a testament to how talented she is. So incredibly grateful we were able to use her talents in building our forever home."

-Justin Largent, Columbus, OH Custom Home (#modernfarmhouseproject)

"Stephanie is knowledgeable, stylish, and so much fun to work with.  She assisted us virtually on our new home construction - specifically lighting, tile, cabinetry colors, and various other selections.  Every one of her recommendations is a highlight in our house.  The showstopper is the cement tile she picked for our kids' bathroom.  Very responsive and easy to work with - highly recommend!"

-Lissi Jones, Bloomington, IN Custom Home (#keepingupwiththejoneses)